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Fandoghi pistachio

If you look at the history of Iran, you will realize that its warm-hearted people welcome every opportunity to meet and socialize. This is why, in addition to official and common occasions such as Nowruz, Yalda night, etc., the people of every small and big city have their own customs and parties. The parties of each city, have a specific concept and purpose of being held, also have their own meals. The foods of each nation are representative of their climate, culture and customs, and that is why the local markets of each region never fail to thrive. Despite all the variety and differences, there are always options that are constant in any occasion. We can count nuts and dry fruits as permanent guests of every party. Of course, everyone considers pistachio the flagship of any nut; So that the presence of pistachios in every parties has become a rigid custom. But to fulfill this custom, sometimes you have to pay a lot of money. Do not worry and do not remove pistachios from your shopping list! So that you don’t incur a lot of economic losses for throwing a party; Our suggestion is to buy hazelnut pistachios. Stay with us as we continue to introduce hazelnut pistachios as a savior of any party.

Why is this pistachio, called “ hazelnut pistachio”?

Maybe when you hear the name of this type of pistachio, your first image is a strange nut from the combination of pistachio and hazel; But we assure you that this is 100% pure pistachio. This pistachio is very similar to hazel due to its round and spherical shape, and that is why it is known by this name. Fandoghipistachio is also known as Ohadi pistachio. This name is taken from the person who first identified and cultivated this type of pistachio.

A short history about hazelnut pistachios

This pistachio was identified and selected for the first time between 1942 and 1952 in the village of Fathabad, Rafsanjan, by a person named “Mahdi Ohadi”. This type of pistachio became so popular in just 50 years that today it accounts for 60-70% of pistachio orchards in Rafsanjan.

Where are hazelnut pistachios grown?

As we said, this pistachio was cultivated for the first time in the village of Fathabad, Rafsanjan, and today, the main producing areas are the cities of Rafsanjan, Zarand, Kerman, and Srijan of Kerman province, as well as the cities of Feyzabad and Mahwalat, Khorasan. This type of pistachio accounts for the largest volume of pistachio exports.

What are the uses of hazelnut pistachios?

In addition to making parties more pleasant, hazelnut pistachios are also very popular and widely used in the ice cream and pastry industry. Its excellent taste, beautiful color and suitable shape make you see it everywhere on pistachio products, such as pistachio ice creams or shavings, etc.

Why is hazelnut pistachio famous in the world?

In addition to being very tasty and colorful and gaining a lot of fame with them, hazelnut pistachios are also known as economic pistachios. This pistachio has a high value. High ounce means that there are more pistachio seeds (about 1000 to 1100) in a specific mass of it (for example, 1 kg). Another reason why this pistachio has the lowest price among other types of pistachios is that it for most of the cultivation of pistachio gardens (55-60% of Kerman province) and is more abundant in the market.

Characteristics of the tree and production of hazelnut pistachio

  • The growth power of this pistachio variety is medium and its growth habit is extensive.
  • This type of tree has a medium height (about 3 meters) and wide crown width (about 380 cm). This tree variety has the widest tree crown (foliage volume) among other varieties.
  • The leaves of this tree are triad and pentamerous.
  • The beginning of flowering of this pistachio variety is from second to 9th of April and it has a flowering period of 11 days.
  • In terms of flowering time, hazelnut pistachio is in the medium category.
  • The shape of the pistachio flower bud is conical.
  • In terms of fruiting time, hazelnut pistachio is in the medium category.
  • Its fruits ripen on September 3.

What are the characteristics of hazelnut pistachios?

The color of the pistachio is green and turns dark purple and pale red when ripe.

  • Its bony and hard shell is cream.
  • The covering color of its kernel is purple.
  • The shape of pistachio is like hazelnut, round and spherical.
  • This pistachio is much smaller than Ahmad Aghaei, Akbari and Kaleguchi pistachios.

To buy and identify hazelnut pistachios, this section will help you:

Knowing the general characteristics of this pistachio may help you to recognize it; But comparing it with any of the other numbers can make you sure. In the following, for your convenience, we will compare the hazelnut pistachio with famous cultivars such as Akbari, Ahmad Aghaei and Kaleguchi.

  1. It is better to know that despite the very different categories, all pistachios are in two categories, elongated (almond-shaped) and hazelnut (spherical), in terms of their general shape. Ahmad Aghaei and Akbari pistachios are elongated, and it is very easy to distinguish them from hazelnut varieties.
  2. The hazelnut pistachio belongs to the Kaleguchi pistachio family; Therefore, you may be confused between the two. As we said before; Fandoghipistachio has the smallest dimensions among all pistachios. The size of each pistachio seed is about 1.40 square millimeters on average; While the size of each Kaleguchi pistachio seed is on average about 1.50 to 1.70 square millimeters.
  3. In the way of distinguishing these two types of pistachios (Kaleguchi and hazelnut), we go one step further; You can pay attention to the color of their kernel cover. The hazelnut pistachio cover is purple; While the Kaleguchi pistachio cover is grayish green.
  4. To be sure of your choice, pay attention to the color of the hard shells of these two pistachios. The hazelnut pistachio shell is cream in color. While the hard shell of the Kaleguchi pistachio is dark bone white.

How many forms of hazelnut pistachio can be seen in the domestic and global market?

In general, you can see hazelnut pistachio in one of the following two ways in the markets:

  1. Natural cracked pistachio: This type of pistachio is completely naturally cracked and is usually a popular export product of quality-oriented countries such as France, Germany, Australia, etc.
  2. Mixed pistachios: These pistachios are a combination of natural craced pistachios and Abkhandan pistachios, and they are usually exported to tonnage-oriented countries such as China, Russia, etc., and they are economically very affordable.
  3. Abkhandan pistachios: These are pistachios that have been closed naturally and opened using industrial machines.

How to distinguish Abkhandan hazelnut pistachio from natural cracked pistachio?

Since the natural cracked hazelnut pistachios are of better quality and of course higher price, sometimes we see some profiteers who sell Abkhandan pistachios instead of natural cracked pistachios at very high prices. So it is not bad to know the ways to distinguish these two types of pistachios from one another:

  1. The first way to distinguish the Abkhandan pistachios from the natural cracked ones is by their sound. For this, take a handful of pistachios and bring them to your ear, seed by seed. Shake the pistachios. If the cracked pistachio is natural, it will not make a sound due to the size and coarseness of its kernel; But if you hear a lot of noise, know that it is due to the collision of the small pistachio with its hard shell.
  2. In the second method, try to bring the two edges of the hard shell together. The hard shells of natural cracked pistachios do not meet due to the coarseness of the kernel. If your pistachio shells come together and stay closed, know that you have chosen Abkhandan pistachios.

Ingredients in 100 grams of hazelnut pistachios

It is better to know that pistachios are a luxury product; It is a very useful food. you can see some of the ingredients in 100 grams of pistachios:

  • In general, there are about 45 grams of fat in pistachios, 6 grams are saturated fat and 14 grams are unsaturated fat.
  • The amount of trans fats and cholesterol in hazelnut pistachios is 0.
  • Sodium in hazelnut pistachios is about 1 mg.
  • Potassium in hazelnut pistachio is about 1.025 mg.
  • Fandoghipistachios contain 10 grams of dietary fiber and 8 grams of sugar.
  • There are about 20 grams of protein in hazelnut pistachios.
  • Fandoghipistachios contain a large amount of antioxidant substances and vitamins A, C, E and B6.
  • hazelnut pistachios also contains minerals such as iron, copper, zinc, calcium, etc.

Why should we include pistachios in our daily food list?

The pistachio kernel contains countless substances and properties, some of which we have briefly explained below, to persuade you to pay more attention to pistachios:

  • Antioxidant substances in pistachios can neutralize free radicals resulting from cell metabolism and prevent many diseases such as cardiovascular diseases, types of cancers, etc.
  • Pistachios are high in protein and low in fat and calories, making them a regular option in healthy weight loss diets.
  • The significant amount of dietary fiber in pistachios helps to improve the functioning of your digestive system.
  • The copper in pistachios helps your body absorb the iron in food better and more than before. Copper and iron in pistachios can be very effective in treating anemia in general.
  • The presence of anti-inflammatory substances, including vitamin E, can help reduce or even treat all types of inflammation in your body.
  • Vitamin B6 in pistachios, in addition to helping to make essential amino acids, also strengthens the nervous system and the immune system and reduces the risk of infectious diseases and cancer.
  • In addition to the health of your internal organs, pistachios can also strengthen external components such as your skin and hair. By using pistachios, your hair will be soft and beautiful and your skin will be soft and shiny. In order to spend your party or event in the best possible way, it is better to put pistachios at the top of your shopping list. You can win the hearts of your guests and your bank account at the same time by buying hazelnut pistachios. In the following, we will review some of the reasons for the popularity and fame of this pistachio:
  • In 1 kg of this pistachio, there are more seeds than other pistachio varieties.
  • Due to reasons such as the extensive cultivation area of this product, its price is much more economical and better than other cultivars.
  • Fandoghipistachio has a great taste and color and can add a special beauty to all kinds of sweets, foods and of course your nut dish.

By buying hazelnut pistachios, you will make your parties and gatherings more pleasant.


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